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Developing brands and websites —
from blank canvas to full deployment.

I'm Kaitlyn Brown. I live in Atlanta, GA. I'm a UX Designer, a Web Developer, and a student of alternative education.

I use beautiful colors, intuitive flows, and interesting geometry to create great user experiences that enhance unique brands. I also design the unique brands!

I have a passion for branding, user experience, print design, and learning. I'm a huge fan of Lynda and Team Treehouse.

I entered the world of design and web development in high school, when I started learning Photoshop and print design as a yearbook editor. I quickly fell in love with the powerful possibilities of Adobe Creative Cloud (née "Creative Suite") and got into graphic design, namely vexel artwork. From there, I started experimenting with logo and poster design which brought me into the land of brand identity. Brand identity, in turn, naturally lent itself to web design, which motivated me to learn HTML and CSS. Since high school, I've been ravenously learning all I can about full-stack web development and brand design. I've discovered in myself a penchant for programming and a talent for deciphering the user experience.

I currently work for Spiralyze as a front-end web developer and UX designer. I take an existing website, redesign it for an improved user experience to increase conversions, and then write the code for the new site in order to run A/B tests ("split tests") to see if the new site performs significantly better than before. It's a fascinating process!

I also work as a freelance Designer/Developer, helping small businesses overhaul their brands (or helping startups create theirs). I love what I do, and if you're interested in seeing what I can do for your brand, send me a message! I'd love to hear from you.